The THX system specified loudspeakers units manufactured by JBL who have had many years of experience in cinema sound. The history of JBL Cinema Speakers is the history of cinema itself, when a company has a legacy nearly eight decades long, there’s little doubt that its ear is planted firmly on the ground. In fact, its namesake and founder James B. Lansing began his company building the world’s first Cinema Speakers. That commitment to the core components of cinema speaker design is why, today, JBL Cinema speakers are found in 6 out of 10 movie theatres around the world. JBL has consistently set the bar on just how good the movies can sound. That’s why the majority of Dolby equipped cinemas worldwide use JBL loudspeakers. It’s also why Lucasfilm engineers chose JBL loudspeakers as the standard with which the first THX licensed commercial theatres were developed.