The company helped create the high-fidelity audio industry. Their first product was an FM tuner. Once year after its founding, harman kardon introduced the world’s first true high-fidelity receiver, the Festival D1000. This monaural unit was not only aimed at non-technical consumers but also incorporated many now-familiar features such as a tuner, component control unit, and amplifier on a single chassis. In 1958, harman kardon introduced the world’s first stereo receiver, The Festival TA230, once again aimed at non-technical users in an attempt to make high-fidelity widely available. Stereo sound was achieved by using one channel from the AM band, and one channel from the FM band. The first true FM multiplex stereo receiver was sold by HH Scott in 1961 with introduction of the Model 350 Tuner.

harman as one of the most prominent, single biggest sound companies in the world right now.