Jennifer Lopez  - as the new brand ambassador for the iconic Harman Kardon audio brand. Looking to strengthen its regional market presence, the “Beautiful Sound” campaign as the company’s largest branding initiative, and has been designed to showcase the ultimate fusion between beauty and sound.

Jennifer Lopez meanwhile, who maintains a large fan base in the  UAE, will star in the new ad introducing the Karman Kardon BDS audio/video home entertainment system with 3D blu-ray.

The first ad for the ‘Beautiful Sound’ compaign is a computer-generated imagery where in which the dark and dusty room Ms. Lopez is standing in explodes and is transformed into an airy, modern space..

The explosions begin once Ms. Lopez turns on the Harman Kardon BDS home theater system with the click of the remote control. “You can complement a beautiful space,” Ms. Lopez says in a voice-over “or simply create one.”

The 30-second spot was meant to represent “what a beautiful piece of hardware it is, and more importantly, we wanted to show just how much it can transform a room.”