Since introducing the world’s first car radio in 1949, harman has pioneered a continuing series of automotive multimedia innovations including surround sound, DVD video, turn-by-turn and 3-D navigation, wireless connectivity and driver safety features. An estimated 20 million vehicles on the road today are equipped with harman systems. This is believed to be the largest such project backlog ever implemented by a supplier in the automotive entertainment sector, spanning custom in-car audio, navigation, hands-free communication and driver assist technologies. All Daimler cars today come out of the factory with Harman Kardon audio. harman are also being picked up by BMW Mini, and also be in the BMW 3-series and 5-series cars, and now there are discussions going on to make Harman Kardon the BMW standard. Lexus is also on board, and JBL audio can be found in Toyota. Infinity brand which is used by the car of the year in 2009, the Hyundai Genesis, as well as Chrysler. Virtually every luxury car produced today is available with harman systems.