1. Connect to Cell

    Phones Vtech Connect to Cell

    Connect to Cell™ Phone Systems- Pair your cell phone using BLUETOOTH® wireless-enabled technology and enjoy cellular and landline calls on one convenient home phone. These systems work with or without a subscription to your local telephone company, so they're great for cellular-only households, too!

    •Make and receive cellular and landline calls •Take advantage of your home's strongest cellular signal •No landline required

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  2. DECT

    Phones Vtech DECT

    DECT technology is the most popular cordless platform, providing improved range without needing to boost the power. This platform has been set aside exclusively for cordless phone use, which means that DECT models have superior sound quality and do not suffer from interference created by wireless networks. This reliable technology has been in use for a number of years in Europe and has proven to provide brilliant quality of voice and sound, high protection against eavesdropping and better range than 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz phone systems.

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  3. Doorbell Phone

    Phones Vtech Doorbell Phone


    The first of its kind, this two-in-one cordless answering system and video doorbell combines a versatile phone system with a digital camera, for convenience and security at home.

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  4. Hairing Aid Compatible

    Phones Vtech Hairing Aid Compatible

    Hearing Aid Compatible Cordless Phones - Our hearing aid compatible phones provide reduced noise and interference when used with most T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants.

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  5. Power Failure Support

    Phones Vtech Power Failure Support

    POWER BACK-UP OPERATION - What happens to you phone when there’s a power outage?  Nothing, with select models featuring Power Back-Up Operations.  A powerful battery back-up system keeps you connected when the power goes out.  Keep a charged handset in the base unit and you can still make and receive calls with the other cordless handsets.    

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  6. Retro Style

    Phones Vtech Retro Style

    With advanced energy efficient technology, FULL ECO Mode brings you healthier and environmentally friendly means of communication. A unique artificial intelligence, the base unit turns off the transmitting power with 100% radiation-free when the handset is in standby. Radio frequency power during phone conversations is also intelligently regulated according to the distance between the base unit and handset so that it does not generate excessive radiation. User can select manually the full range or half range of radio frequency power. Now, you can enjoy environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way of staying connected with your family and friends.

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