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Loud, clear, stunningly realistic audio reproduction for public spaces and private homes has been the JBL® stock-in-trade for more than 60 years.

Item Name: 2-Way, Dual 100mm (4") Speaker - BLACK
Availability: In Stock
Price: AED 842.00

Product details

In all those years, there has never been anything even remotely like the JBL Control NOW™ speakers. Advanced JBL technologies have been seamlessly engineered into a unique, arced enclosure that makes these speakers perhaps the most flexible ever developed. Individually, or in a circular or semicircular array of up to four speakers, there’s virtually no place where JBL Control NOW speakers cannot go, and there are more than a few places where only they can fit.

Full specs

Audio Features/Specifications

Bookshelf/On-Wall/Corner-Mount Loudspeaker
Low-Frequency Transducer
Dual 100mm (4") PolyPlasTM, shielded
High-Frequency Transducer
19mm (3/4") titanium-laminate dome, shielded; waveguide
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
150 W
Frequency Response
80Hz – 30kHz (–6dB)
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V @1m)
90 dB
Crossover Frequencies
2000Hz – 18dB/octave; woofer 36dB/octave tweeter;

General Features/Specifications

Grille Color
Dimensions (H x W x D – Metric, English)
127mm x 262mm x 251mm
Weight (Metric, English)

Specific product service

Brochure - Control Family (English EU)
Download (761kb)
Owners Manual - Control NOW, Control NOW AW (English)
Download (4864kb)
Specification Sheet - Control NOW (English EU)
Download (1431kb)

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