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Multielements are clearly the easiest way to upgrade your system. They consist of an integrated tweeter and midrange/woofer. These speakers are designed to fit right into your factory locations with few, if any modifications. Infinity offers two extremely compelling lines of multielement loudspeakers. Our Reference Series represents perhaps the best value of any premium brand in its price range, and our Kappa Series multielements are simply spectacular. These speakers have won numerous awards for their incredible audiophile-grade performance.
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Kappa 42.9i

4" 2-Way car audio loudspeaker
AED 340.00
Kappa 50.9cs

5-1/4" two-way component system
AED 660.00
Kappa 52.9i

5-1/4" 2-way car audio loudspeaker ..
AED 373.00
Kappa 693.11i

6" x 9", three-way, full-range..
AED 699.00
Reference 9603ix

6" x 9" three-way car audio lo..
AED 542.00
Reference 9633i

6 x 9" Coaxial 3-way Speaker.
AED 399.00
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